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If you want to get Astrological consultation from Me, Book an appointment. When Sun is in airy signs, the natives spouse may be rude and violent in their behaviour. You Should Also make the Lagna Lord of Navamsa Strong. The position also shows attaining wealth and money after marriage. Person gets married to rich spouse (husband or wife) early in life or before 25 yrs of age. Its Like when you see from the roof of a 10 Storied Building, you will be able to See a Lot of Area but can not get the Minute details of any particular area. Their childhood glories, profession, marriage everything will contribute to the pride of their family. You can watch it for better understanding. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As we said That the Planet in the 7th house of Navamsa will show the nature and character of the spouse , The Sign of 7th house Navamsa, The Darapada (A7) in Navamsa also reveals about appearance, Nature and characteristics of Life Partner. The spouse is very intelligent, beautiful, and logical. There can be trivial ego issues with their partner. So any influence of the Saturn in the 7th in the house of Rashi / Navamsha will give the aged spouse. Navamsa is the 9th Division of your Horoscope. But if the 7th house or this planet is being aspect by. But they need to wait to achieve success in work, their impatient behavior can tear them down. The sun in the 7th house means the person will have outstanding success in their life but at a slow pace. They can also face issues with father regarding marriage. Navamsa is also a chart of your Talents. The wife could be religious and also likes to respect elders. Their deep wealth of knowledge also calls for issues due to huge amount of pride and impatience. Wheatish complexion by Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. This Kind of Marriage is not considered good in society. The planet posited in the 7th house in the D1 chart or any planet aspecting the 7th house signifies or asserts the overall appearance of our spouse. Sixth house indicates life challenges, life choices, wellness, and health. Here Sun lacks intelligence in dealing with marriage. Sun in this house presents extraordinary victory over enemies of the native or their family members. Even if Saturn or mercury becomes the Darakaraka then also the quality applies. In earlier Days Kings used this kind of Marriage for expanding their Kingdom. You have entered an incorrect email address! Natives with Mercury in 7th house thrive due to communication and that's exactly their strength in marriage too. Mercury in the 7th house of Navamsa chart can give Lack of physical pleasure from spouse as Mercury is a eunuch planet. After Going through this, I believe, You will be in a Position to understand your Own D9 chart. When your 7th house of Navamsa is Aries, Your Spouse will have Lean personality, small eyes, pointed nose, angry speech. They also have a very selective friend and network circle. The native will be particular about reaching high financial status through marriage. When Navamsa Moon is in 7th house, Your spouse will be very Beautiful and very sexual. More than one Lakh People Visit our Blog Every Month. It can also Create Ego problem in the Relationship and Marriage. They follow the family lineage and rituals. As third house is one of the trikona houses, Sun makes the native courageous, a born leader and supportive sibling in the family. If the sign Gemini falls in the seventh house can give the issue related to the sex life due to the mercury. Navamsa chart is studied and analyzed as a separate chart just like natal chart. Sun in this house causes deep longing for materialistic security. They win over enemies, competition and diseases. They also want to get married in a wealthy family. The appearance of a spouse in astrology is mainly influenced by Planets in the 7th house and the placement of Venus as per Vedic astrology. Though, they can receive a great amount of fortune from extended family or through father-in-laws support, their married life will be dull and hapless. The person dominates the marriage and can be shrewd, crude in marriage. When your 7th house of Navamsa is Pisces, Your Spouse will have Charming personality, has good eyes and nose, truthful in nature, fearless person, sacrificing attitude. Your spouse can be Jovial and friendly. When Sun is powerful in this house, the native will display overpowering authority, they will control their domestic life and business life efficiently. The spouse will be very sexual. The spouse may be of a perfectly built physique and is witty and jovial in nature. Rahu also indicates Foreign element. Sun in this house results in increase in family wealth, power in the society, and authority post marriage. Venus Signifies Wife in a Males chart. 7th house not only Indicates Marriage but it also indicates all sort of Physical relation. Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Mercury could indicate the dark spouse. He or She Will be philanthropic. If there is a benefic aspect, especially Jupiters aspect then most negativity will be wiped off and there will be good married life. Darapada (A7) also shows the kind of People one Associates with. So these houses need to be checked when predicting spouse from Navamsa chart. The natives father in law might be in a authoritative position that potentially helps the natives career. The 7th house in your horoscope is connected to marriage. The 7th Lord Moon will Make Your spouse happy, Loved by people, expert in agriculture, talkative, fond of liquids. The native may be embarrassed due to spouse and may get late children. They may have frequent fights with their extended family and maternal relationships like uncles or grandparents. The only difference is that in Arsha Vivaha, the price paid was a nominal one or customary one but in this case lot of wealth is given. On the other hand, the native may not identify their enemies because Sun looses its directional strength in fourth house. They also look for a person who looks beautiful to some extent. Sun is a hot planet and represents our soul, authority, ego, career etc, Here is the detailed analysis of Sun in all houses of Navamsa chart. They bring honour and respect to their family. It also shows responsibility of attaining status after marriage. In the case of Rahu is in the 7th house in Gemini, the spouse is extremely diplomatic and a good speaker. If Navamsa Venus is in 7th house, the spouse can be extremely good Looking, fond of Luxury & all sort of comfort, fond of music, fine arts etc. Recommended reading: late marriage yoga or early marriage. Native's spouse would be home-loving, family loving and house oriented person. Saturn is the Planet of Maturity and Elderly People. It gives them dedication, passion, and knowledge that they can grow in life and make a successful future. They can also face conflicts in work-space. The spouse of the native lacks religion, love, and affection. Planet Saturn in 7th House Spouse Beauty Astrology Prediction. Astrology is the Only Subject Which can tell you whom you will Marry, How will be your husband or Wife, How he or She will Look etc. You Should Stregthen the 7th Lord of Navamsa. So How can you Improve your Marriage through Navamsa ? ForSagittariusand Pisces Signs in the 7th house of Navamsa chart, Jupiter is the 7th Lord. The native may take a leadership role in religious organizations. At the same time, s/he will be very particular about health, reputation and appearance. The native may face ego challenges particularly with uniformed services. The native with Sun in the third house will be knowledgeable, wise and highly skilled.The native will be creative, a born leader, and truly artistic. This the Main planet of Desire in a Horoscope. On the other hand, they find hard to deal with elder siblings or find difficult to cope up in large organizations. Venus in the male sign in the seventh house makes the native very passionate. Males will receives precious gifts and dowry in marriage depending upon strength of mercury i.e strong or exalted. Facing financial problems? Trust, connection, and devotion are the foundations of any . But when Analysing the Rahu-Venus conjunction in Navamsa, we also need to see the Signs or we need to Check the Sign where this Conjunction has happened. Hence , the native will gain power and recognition after marriage . The sun in the 7th house can bring a powerful personality, outstanding knowledge, and passionate nature. For Scorpio and Aries Signs in the 7th house of D9 chart, The 7th Lord is Mars will Make the native rich, courageous, interested in sexual matters, inclined to bilious problems. Venus or Shukra in the 7th house of your Navamsa chart can give you a rich, good-looking spouse, as well as expertise in arts and business, good income, amiable nature, handsome face, and good fortune after marriage. So Jupiter will give your Partner a charming personality, attractive eyes, bulging tummy, intelligent, unbiased attitude, courageous, rich, loved by people, artistic inclination, respected by women, has good children and friends. Capricorn ascendants must handle their wives emotionally. It shows that they can defeat the enemies or obstacles in daily life. So when Rahu and Venus are in conjunction or in the Same sign, it increases the Qualities of Venus. You can Refer our article to know the appearance of your Spouse from D1 chart. You will have great affinity towards travelling, exploring new countries and exotic things in life. Sun in 7th House personality As Per Vedic Astrology The sun represents positive energy and the sun in the 7th house gives passionate energy to the person. Though they are extroverts, they are quite selective about their friends and acquaintances. Venus and Mercury conjunction in the 7th house is good for getting a beautiful spouse and the characteristics will be very soft-spoken, loyal, and jovial. It indicates that the wife or husband will be very hardworking. If there is other malefic combination present in both Rashi chart and D9 chart, this conjunction can even create situations like divorce or separation. Venus in the Mercurys sign could make native attraction based on the carrier-oriented person or good looks, person who is funny. When your 7th house of Navamsa is Virgo, Your Spouse will have long hands, small buttocks, polished character, talkative, extra fond of sexual activities. 7th Lord Venus will Make your Partner extremely rich, successful, spiritually oriented, does good deeds, good children, enjoys plenty of riches and conveyances, has company of good Person. In this type of wedding, there are no feasts or celebrations that are specific to the wedding, but the wedding of the daughter of a poor family is held as an act of charity by wealthy people. Navamsa Chart is also a key tool in understanding and determining the marital life, happiness and status of a native. On the other hand, the relationship with younger sibling gets distant. The spouse always points to the minute things and misses the big picture. A person will deal with certain karma in married life that can leave an impression on them. Transit of planets over houses in astrology, Transit of planets over planets in vedic astrology, Sun in first house/ Sun in 1st house of Navamsa, Sun in second house/ Sun in 2nd house of Navamsa, Sun in third house/ Sun in 3rd house of Navamsa, Sun in fourth house/Sun in 4th house of Navamsa, Sun in fifth house/ Sun in 5th house of Navamsa, Sun in sixth house/ Sun in 6th house of Navamsa, Sun in seventh house/ Sun in 7th house of Navamsa, Sun in eighth house/ Sun in 8th house of Navamsa, Sun in ninth house/ Sun in 9th house of Navamsa, Sun in tenth house/ Sun in 10th house of Navamsa, Sun in eleventh house/ Sun in 11th house of Navamsa, Sun in twelfth house/ Sun in 12th house of Navamsa. Before Discussing Nature of Spouse from Navamsa chart or Life Partner characteristics from Navamsa chart, Lets talk about the type of Marriage described in Hindu Religion. My Journey to the Mystic world begin at an early age of 16 years Only. So if there is other Yoga, this Placement can give you a Foreign Spouse. Sun makes the native tender most respect to their Guru or ultimate surrender to their spiritual Guru. In a male chart, the position shows that he will dominate the home. They might not get along with everyone, but for their family, they stand in every needed situation. What are the important houses in Navamsa Chart? Darakaraka, will bestow the nature and characteristics, and features of the husband or wife. It blesses government job, great career options, powerful administrative roles in government or government managed sectors. Effects of Sun in 7th House Sun Generally Gives Beneficial results in Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio Signs. Well, the 7th house is just the opposite of the ascendant (or the 1st house). The wife is averagely built, looks serious, and is also a little plump. It can also bring major conflicts with authorities due to ego issues. But whether your desire will be fulfilled or nor will be determined by the 7th house of D9 Chart. Sun in 7th house does not promote very active or pleasureful sex life or physical intimacy at least for a consistent period of time. The spouse will look extremely attractive. Their business will reach pinnacles overseas. Sun performs well in the tenth house in Navamsa chart. The D9 chart is said to be one of the most important charts as it significantly helps in the reading of the main birth chart. We provide you the Most Accurate Information About Vedic Wisdom. Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Aries, Gemini, Virgo Signs will create More Damage in comparison to others. The wife will be lean, tall and has very smooth skin, and has an attractive appearance. But this is not good for a happy married life. The father of the native can take many foreign trips. Suppose you have Venus in the 7th house of your D1 chart or Main birth chart. So we have to Understand the zodiac Signs of the 7th House too. Mars is the main signifying Planet for such marriage. When your 7th house of Navamsa is Capricorn, Your Spouse will have Ideal physically body structure, Dark Complexion, broad face, sharp in intelligence, Cautious. It shows the native wants to attain the highest success in life. When your 7th house of Navamsa is Sagittarius, Your Spouse will have joyful nature, board forehead, big ears, gets angry occasionally, truthful, talkative. The color of the spouse may be whitish fair and they may have a voice quite commanding voice. This kind of Marriage is not suitbale in modern society. Sun in this fifth house makes the native highly conscious about looks, reputation and health. Sun is a dry planet. If it is in a friendly sign and a friendly planet to your Aatmakaraka, then you will have a harmonious . 1517 S 114th Omaha. When Your 7th house of Navamsa is Scorpio, Your Life Partner will have rough skin, Very Emotional, Secretive. The peoples with the sun in the 7th house have a charismatic personality, they have high pride because of their dedication and knowledge. The native may face legal issues in inheriting paternal wealth. The natives should be careful of their behavior and adjust according to the spouse for a happy and successful marriage. The native is always concerned about joint asset and accumulation of joint asset. In this Process we will also Spend a Lot of Money as well. If there is benefic no aspect on the 7th house then the spouse will have a jealous nature. The position also shows in second half of life, the person enjoys the company of single parent. Venus placed on Mars and Saturns Rashi could indicate the attraction of a partner could be based on the total physical appearance. But they need to wait to achieve success in work, their impatient behavior can tear them down. The presence of Mercury in the 7th house cuts both the ways for the natives. So We have to check the 7th house of main birth chart as well as the 7th house of Navamsa Chart. 6) Gandharva Vivaha: This can be referred to Modern Days Love Marriage where Bride and Grrom is attracted towards each other and they Fall in Love. , there will be a faithful success in their future because of their hard work and passion. Six house represents unchangeable karmas, the karmas that can never be changed. If sun is in good position in 7th house the person will be looked as authority. Sun in fifth house of Navamsa shows that the native is intelligent in investment and will be interested in politics. If Saturn is debilitated then it is not good for marriage. The spouse is a very practical person and has high morals, religion, and is a coward. Dividing any Rashi or sign by 9 part, we can constitute Navamsa chart. He or she will be slight flabby but have dark eyes. Sun is an important Planet relating to Self, Father figure and leadership qualities; it must be well placed in a Navamsa chart. In fact, their philosophical side gets activated post marriage in their life. If Sun is with 7th lord than the person is ready to deal with marriage issues and the person looks for someone dominating or fatherly figure who can guide them. 5) Asura Vivaha: This is very similar to Arsa vivaha. 1) Bramha Vivaha: In this Type of Marriage groom Seeks Bride as per their Skills and abilities. These natives should be careful of not being overconfident regarding their growth and treat everyone equally in the workspace, otherwise, people can judge him or her as an egoistic individual. It gives them dedication, passion, and knowledge that they can grow in life and make a successful future. Venus in the 7th house of Navamsa will give your Partner an Attractive Face with Smooth Skin and Fair complexion. They need to make sure to change their behavior and ways of living for the other person, otherwise, they will face a fail marriage in their life. When Saturn is afflicted then the constitution of the spouse may be weak. The petitioner is not required to blame the other spouse for or prove any particular misdeed or wrong. They may face losses in overseas businesses and land in high debts. Sun, moon and mercury is neutral in eighth house. You can also strengthen the planets by Worshipping the Gods of that Planet. He or she may be Emotional, Sensitive, soft hearted etc. He/she can also be egoistic and may show some superiority complex. It is a strong indication of happy married life if not afflicted. Get Costs. They could lose their reputation and earned status in the society. The spouse might have the nature of the detachment but they are very calculative. But mahadasha and transit should be considered very carefully before giving predictions for marriage. Their home will be very unique with eclectic decoration. It Simply indicates that you want a very Good Looking, Romantic, Fun Loving Life partner. Sun in the 7th house of D9 chart will give you a Strong and confident Life partner. It increase the Romantic Nature. Spouse is fickle-minded and it could sometimes lead native to do not so good deeds. Now We Will Discuss about the Method of Prediction of Spouse characteristics from the D9 chart. Native will be righteous and naturally interested in politics, finances. That is why we try to predict Marriage from Navamsa chart. 2nd Monday of each month 6 p.m. For those beginning to socialize after loss - not for acute grief - suggested 1 year after loss. If the sign of cancer falls in the seventh house then the person must connect to a spouse based on the emotional level. So Planets in the 7th house of D9 chart actually decide what kind of Marriage and Spouse we will get in this Life. The wife could be quarrelsome, feels superior, difficult to adjust to, and also likes to dominate others. When Navamsa Ketu is in 7th house, spouse can be Very good in mathematics and numbers, expert in computers etc. Third house is a upachya as well as trik house. If the 7th house is occupied by Jupiter, Mars, or Sun, then Spouse Will have a Medium fair complexion. Facing financial problems? They just need to balance their attitude and ego in their life, otherwise, natives can find themselves alone. They also try to understand the family of the spouse. The 7th house, The 7th Lord, Planets Placed in the 7th house of Navamsa will give us information about your Partner. At the same time, father in law is famous, proud and meticulous person. These natives should be careful of not being overconfident regarding their growth and treat everyone equally in the workspace, otherwise, people can judge him or her as an egoistic individual. They may receive great professional laurels in their late 50s. You want Big House Like a Big Bungalow or Luxury cars etc. Astrologylover is your Favourite Astrology Blog. When your 7th house of Navamsa is Cancer, Your Spouse will have small nose, very small forehead, thick hair on legs, angry behavior, wandering nature. They are very likely to build a sense of trust and faith in anyone they meet with. They will have full control of their home and children. The native get more affected at early marriage and s/he has to deal with issues in marriage at 43rd year. Here one should look for the 7th house in Navamsha for the spouses nature and appearance. Which house is connected to spouse in Navamsa Chart? Now if there is no planet in the seventh house then there will be a sign which tells a lot about the natives spouse, quality of marital life, and other such things. In Such Situation you have to Stick to the Main chart or D1 chart. As it is mentioned in their personalized predictionsthat their high self-esteem and prideful attitude may make them egoistic. Worried about your future? Sun in 7th House Spouse Type With Sun in 7th house, Your Life partner can come from a very good family Background, very generous, ambitious etc. As per marriage predictions, the native will have an intelligent and charming spouse in life, which will bring good luck and fortune to the native's life. It also shows settlement in foreign land. At the same time, they also want to give everything to their children. If You want to Know About Your Own Horoscope, You can Take Our Astrology Consultation. Council Bluffs, known until 1852 as Kanesville, Iowa the historic starting point of the Mormon Trail and eventual northernmost anchor town of the other emigrant trails, is a city in and the county seat of Pottawattamie County, Iowa, United States and is on the east bank of the Missouri River across from what is now the much larger city of Omaha, Nebraska. When Sun is in the Navamsa Lagna house it greatly influences the natives morale, mind, identity, and ambitions in life. Planets Sun, Moon and Mercury are neutral in the eighth house. These natives can invoke creativity, intelligence, and a sense of pride in their spouse and children. You might attract a marital partner of fair complexion and foreign influences. Spouse will bring great prosperity to the native. Sun imparts eclectic desire to spend primarily on their home/house. When Saturn influences the 7th house of a person, it indicates that the spouse will be older and ordinary. The person will have an aggressive, argumentative, and quarrelsome spouse and is of dominating nature. Planet Sun loses its directional strength in this house. Our expert Astrologers willanswer all your concerns related to love, health, money, career and much more. 9th house is the house of Dharma or Fortune. One important rule for this is when the planet sits in its own Rashi in the seventh house then it is going to produce the beautiful results. If Saturn is in the 7th house of mens chart then he will get a wife who is very almost near his age of him. If in this Conjunction is further afflicted by Planets Like Saturn or Mars, it can even give more than one relationship at a Time. if you want to Know What are other use of Navamsa, you can read the below Article. Eventually his/her father in law helps the native in their career. If Rahu and 12th house Lord are also associated with the 7th house Saturn, Marriage with any Foreigner is also possible. Sun in fifth house of Navamsa shows that the native is intelligent in investment and will be interested in politics. If the sign Taurus falls in the seventh house then-wife is beautiful, sharp, and intelligent. That is why we see a lot of celebrities like actors, singers etc faces problem in love life or married life. Nakshatra will define the root cause. Your leadership skills may be latent in professional life. When Sun is with malefic planets or enemy planets in this house, the native may fake their political status and power. They would love to live in a huge house with a unique architecture. The Main House for Spouse Prediction is 7th House and 7th Lord. These people are intelligent and have the proper idea of what they are doing with their life. In recent time we see Several Marriage happens for Political gain or Business expansion etc. Navamsa saturn in 7th house also indicate that there can be much age difference between husband and wife. These people are intelligent and have the proper idea of what they are doing with their life. He or She will have big eyes, long face, big eyebrows, small forehead, drooping nose, thick voice, short toes. Sun in second house of navamsa can also lead to arguments on bank accounts/ money. Eleventh house as the Upachaya house, Sun in this place controls the flow of money from profession. They may not show their dominating nature. Native or natives spouse will be successful in politics and armed forces department. The Only Problem with this is Technique is that You Should have an Accurate or Correct Birth Time. As a downside, Sun in this house makes the native a loner, they may not thrive well in big crowds or organizations. So any influence of the mercury in the 7th in the house of Rashi / Navamsha will give a very young age spouse. They have desires for so many things in life. For a good and happy marital life, we have to first see the condition of the 7th Lord of Rashi chart(D1) in D9 chart. 4) Prajapatya Vivaah: This type of marriage is the same as the Brahma vivha in all respects, except that this type of marriage takes place when the groom and bride both are very young. When your 7th house of Navamsa is Gemini, Your Life Partner will have long hands, small nose, sheepish eyes, thick legs and thighs, hair on hands, legs and head; courageous, talkative, knowledgeable. Beauty with elegance is indicated when Sun is . Here the Grrom family Pays lot of Money to the family of the girl as Bride Price and Bring the Bride home. The wife is very beautiful with a tall and attractive body and has a fair complexion and also beautiful eyes. Sun in Astrology denotes our Atman or the Soul, biological Father, and our divine father. They are very well in attaining property and can overpower home life. The position also shows ego battles with in laws. Astrology in Marriage is the Key to Heavenly Matrimony, Nadi Dosha - The factors for Happy Marriage, Kundli Matching and Guna Milan - The Meaning and Its Significance in a Marriage, Horoscope Matching and Marriage Compatibility Astrology, Kundli Matching and Horoscope Matching - Vedic Compatibility for Marriage and Relationships. The ascendant is all about self while the 7th house is about the partner. Since Libra is the first house and due to the opposite attraction marriage life will be quite good.

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sun in 7th house navamsa: spouse appearance