Why should you use an IPTV blink player?

IPTV Blink Player is an Android application used to run OTT-IPTV service for watching Live, Movies, Series, and more. IPTV blink player is a mighty and smooth OTT Player. 

Please take note that IPTV Blink Player does not provide any kind of IPTV services. This means, it does not host any kind of channels or does not have any type of playlist of its own. To use this service, all you need is to use the login credentials of the IPTV service provider. In other words, you must have your Subscription from an IPTV service provider to use the IPTV Blink Player on devices like FireStick, Android TV, and TV boxes. 

Right now the IPTV Blink player is only Supporting Xtream Code Server URL/Stream URL/Portal and URL/Testing 

So There are lots of reasons why to use IPTV Blink Player are explained below: 
1. IPTV Blink Player is using an Exo player which provides a fast speed and lag-free experience to play Live Channels, Movies, and Series.
2. IPTV Blink Player is consuming very little data from your internet connection as compared to other players.
3. IPTV Blink Player is a totally lag-free player which provides you with smoothness and lag-free experience during watching OTT-IPTV service. 
4. IPTV Blink Player supports different video formats Like SD, HD, FHD, and 4K. Note* – It also depends upon your device specifications if your device supports all these video formats then the IPTV blink player will be supporting them too.
5. IPTV Blink Player will be supporting the m3u format for playing Live channels. (coming soon in new few updates)
6. IPTV Blink Player also gives you options to lock your Channels, Movies and Series categories which you never want to hide.
7. IPTV Blink Player Supports multiple languages, So allows you to watch your Movies, Channels, and series With your OWN language support. English Spanish Turkish Croatian Polish Arabic French German Italian Romanian Hungary Albanian
8. IPTV Blink Player provides you with a feature to watch your favorite movies that can be accessed by an External player (Video player) within Apps Like ( VLC player, MX Player, and many Other Video players)
9. With the Help Of the IPTV Blink Player, you can check the Internet Speed within the App.
10. IPTV Blink Player Provides you with awesome features like using different External Player Individually for LIVE, MOVIES, and SERIES.


Q1- What is IPTV and how can I get it? 
ANSWER – IPTV means Internet-based Protocol Television where you can use your internet to deliver TV programs & Videos that can be live streaming or on-demand(VOD).
IPTV can be explained as a digital television service that is delivered to subscribers. All you need is to buy a subscription from any registered IPTV service provider. Which is very easily found on the internet.
Q2. How else you can contact us?
ANSWER – All you need is to contact us on our official support email id – contact@iptvblinkplayer.com, where you can contact us 24×7.
Q3 – What is the privacy policy of IPTV BLINK PLAYER??
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How to Become an IPTV Reseller?

IPTV, or Internet protocol television, is an OTT platform Where users can watch live television, Video on demand, and Series depending upon the service to which they subscribed from their IPTV Service Provider. This IPTV technology provides you to become a reseller and work as an interface between IPTV Service and End Users.
Step 1. To start your own IPTV business you need to choose the name of your business and make that business legal, this chosen business name should be working as a marketing tool for you, Make sure your business name describes deals with IPTV or telecommunications.
Step 2. In step 2 you need to Contact service providers who provide you the proper and Actual/Original IPTV service to Start your Carrier/Business in the IPTV field. Most of the providers are always ready to help the resellers to expand their operations. You need to find the best IPTV service provider over the internet and contact them with your personal information and business information.
Step 3. You need to make your business firm offline and online so that you can easily communicate with users or users easily in contact with you. Or if you want to set up a sales office with your sales team then you can, overall it depends upon you.
Step 4. You need to educate yourself by knowing each and everything regarding Iptv Service or service providers’ materials. Because it should vary that the IPTV service provider under which you work might have various levels for which resellers can qualify. You need to learn new skills so that your business goes smoothly. In this case, Your service provider might also help you by providing marketing support too.
Step 5. You need to Develop a Custom IPTV application with your own brand name and brand logo So that Users easily access you IPTV service which you provide to users. Contact Us (IPTV BLINK PLAYER), We will provide you with rebranded IPTV application with or without customization as per the requirement to start your IPTV business. IPTV BLINK team also provides the help you to grow your IPTV business over the air( OTA/OTT).

Kindly reach us on www.iptvblinkplayer.com for more updates.